What's this Ella book worth?
Ella's poetry is priceless. Her books are cheap.
The most common answer is that an Ella book is valuable because of its worth to the reader, not as a rare out of print book. Ella was very prolific and much reprinted and most of her books, even though they are 100 years old, are not monetarily valuable. The most common titles, such as Maurine and Poems of Passion are selling on Ebay for $5-$10 in most cases. 

Her very early books, such as Drops of Water and Shells, are the most monetarily valuable since they were very limited print runs before she was popular. They usually sell in the $50-$250 range. 

The other category is Ella memorabilia, such as autographs, photographs, or prints. These vary widely in price, though even complete Ella letters are not uncommon and rarely fetch more than $50

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