New York Times Book Review
February 26, 1910, p. 111

Sailing Sunny Seas. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox
W.B. Conkey Company, Chicago, $1.50.


  "Sailing Sunny Seas" (W.B. Conkey
Company, Chicago, $1.50) is an uncon-
ventional account by Ella Wheeler Wil-
cox of brief journeys in Jamaica, Porto
Rico, Honolulu, the West Indies, and oth-
er regions of constant Summer.  The
sketches are full of the picturesque per-
sonality and the ardent temperament of
their author and they give vivid and often
intimate pictures of the scenes and the
varied phases of life in the semi-tropical
islands which she visited.  It goes with-
out saying that she saw many things
whose philosophical aspects interested her
deeply and moved her to discussion.  The
book is fully illustrated with photographs
by the author.