Prints and Postcards of Quotations of Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
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"Across the space between to-day 
and those old time Decembers 
I send this little card to say 
One faithful heart remembers."
As you go through life


As You Go Through Life. 
[Poem Text

"The Battle is not of our making, 
And war was never our plan: 
Yet, all that is sweet forsaking, 
We march to it, man by man. 
It is either to smite, or be smitten, 
There's no other choice to-day: 
And we live, as befits the Briton, 
Or we die, as the Briton may." 

"Wilcox" verse series, number 580. 

The Beggar Cat. 

[Poem Text

American Humane Education Society.


"May all your 
future days, from 
white Decembers to 
green Mays, be Holy, 
Happy Holidays." 



Series 82.

Does it Pay. 

Postcard. Postmarked 1927. 
Photograph of a river scene near Warwick from Habberfield and Kodak.

Lines from "Friendship."
"If thou art always kind,
No sacrifice, no promise will be needed
To satisfy my mind."

Beauty Painting Postcard. 
XL Series Copyrighted 1910 by C.W.P.

Good Morning. 

Photo by Rockwood of Union Square, New York. 
Below image is printed four line poem "Good Morning" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. 
Photo measures 5 1/2"H x 4" on printed mount 8" x 5 1/2".

Meet me at the Home Coming Celebration, Washington, Ill., Sept. 2-9, 1912.
by MME. Zoe-Laure De Chatillon 1894 Photogravure 
Described by the historian Ella Wheeler Wilcox: 
"Never since that spectacle of the bleeding Nazarene upon the Cross of Calvary, has the world beheld so terrible a picture of crucified innocence and purity as that of Joan of Arc, the saviour of France, burning in the market-place of Rouen. With her dying breath she cried out...that she had obeyed God.... Her last word was the name of--Jesus." 

Illustrations of Great Men and Famous Women, published in 1894 by Selmar Hess

Just You. 

dating to the 1920's. 
published by W. B. Conkey Co. 

Measurements: 7 5/8" by 5 5/8" 

Just You. 

All the selfish joys of 
earth, I am getting through. 
Only one thing seems of 
worth ---- Just you.. 
Not for me the lonely 
height, and the larger view; 
one thing makes the whole 
world bright -- Just you. 
Not for distant goals I run, 
no great aim pursue; 
All the world to me means - 
one - Just you. 

On the cardboard backing is written Xmas 1933

Just You.  

"A Gibson Product " 
The frame measures 10¾" by 7¾"


M.T. Sheahan, Boston, Mass. 
Copyright 1906. 

5" x 7"


D.Hillson, c1907.

The Masquerade.  

Series 82


The frames are original and were done by "The Morgan Frame & Supply Store, 186 Second Street, Fall River, MA. 
 The titles of the poems are "You-In His Thoughts-" and "You-In Her Thoughts-". The publishing company is Reinthal & Newman Publishing Co. and also written on the bottom of both is "Good Housekeeping Magazine". The letter "W" appears beneath the woman's dress. 
15"L x 11 1/2"W. 

Morning Prayer. 

I do not think this is the original frame. 
c.1911  F.B.&S. Co.

Morning Prayer. 
Mothers of Sons 

Liberty publishing co New Haven Conn., 1918.

Once Gone, Gone Forever
[from Guilo]
   "We never feel the same emotion twice:  
      No two ships ever ploughed the selfsame billow.  
   The waters change, with every fall and rise;  
      So, Guilo, go contented to thy pillow."
Once Gone, Gone Forever 
[from Guilo]

We never feel the same emotion twice:  
      No two ships ever ploughed the selfsame billow.  
The waters change, with every fall and rise;  
      So, Guilo, go contented to thy pillow. 


"This darling of the Southern Sea, afar 
The great Blue Mountain, worships from his height, 
Sometimes to hide his passion from her sight 
He pins a cloud about him with a star, 
And shuts away the vision of her charms 
Lying encircled by her lover's arms. 
   While high above him, hangs the Southern Cross, 
   To typify his sorrow and his loss." 
Hotel Titchfield 
Port Antonio 
Ainslie & Drabow Co


5 5/8" x 8 5/8".


From "Poems of Passion" 1911 - Used by permission of W.B. Conkey Co., Chicago Publishers. 
9" x 7" 


Postally used in 1917. The "Wilcox" Verse Card. Series 82. The "Classic" all British Series No. 02. Published by W. N. Sharpe Ltd., Bradford.


Entitled "Life". 
Decorated leather, poem done in pyrography and decorated with painted leaves and appliquéd grapes. 
"El Paso, Texas"


11.4cm square

"There is new strength, respose of mind and inspiration in fresh apparel." [unknown source] 

Design by Quotable Cards, Inc. 
"Quote taken from Instant Quotation Dictionary." 
c. 1984 by Career Publishing, Inc.

They are foes to all Virtue, and lead down to shame; 
Shun drink and tobacco and keep your good name. 
Cold water that comes from the well is my drink-- 
The healthiest, purest, and sweetest, I think. 
It never makes drunkards, it never brings woe-- 
I'll praise it, and drink it, wherever I go.

Series 82

Voice of the Voiceless. 

bookmark, with additional text.

Winds of Fate. 

This print was given as a gift to customers of a trust company. In fine print on the bottom is the following inscription "WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF CHARTERED TRUST AND EXECUTOR COMPANY. 34 KING ST. WEST, TORONTO : JANUARY 1933". 
The outside measurement of the framed piece is 6 3/4 inches wide by 8 3/4 inches high. 

The Winds of Fate. 

Fabric is lightweight cream-colored linen, ship is done in tans and grays and between words of the verse are little whales and anchors. Nicely done cross-stitch.

The Winds of Fate. 

Mid 1930s children's bookmark (book mark)from the Book Shop, So. Bend, Indiana. On front is quote from author, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, about the winds of life with sektch of sailing ship; and on the back is an advertisement for "The Ushers Astrological Forecast", Venice, California. Found in 1936 children's book.

The Winds of Fate. 

The Classic All British Series No 81.

The Winds of Fate. 

Bronze door knocker in the form of the clipper ship “Thermopolae”. About 5.5” x 2.75”. Before 1920. 
The lower section is in form of a scroll and has the poem “Winds of Fate” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. 
“One ship drives East and another drives West with the self same winds that blow. Tis the set of the sails and not the gales which tell us the way to go”. 


Gibson Art Company 
7.75 x 10.75 

The World's Need. 

Buzza Type. 
5.75” x 7.75” 

The World's Need. 

Brass plaque approximately 6" x 6". The center is pictured "Good Samaritan", 
The Wharff-Eaton Co./Art Brass Company 
/Art Brass Goods, 33-37 Wormwood St.

The World's Need. 

First National Bank, Hutchinson, Kansas advertising card celebrating 33 years of banking. 
Printed by Dodge Printing Co. New York.

The World's Need. 

Printed by the University Art Shop, Evanston, IL. 
Postmarked 1910.

The World's Need.
The World's Need.
Worth While. 

Gibson Line, No. 190. 
5 3/4" X 7 3/4" 

Worth While. 

"Published through courtesy 
of W. B. Conkey, Co." 
8 5/8" .x. 5 1/8". 


Worth While.
Worth While. 

Buzza type motto. 
Size is 9 1/2" by 7". 
"The P.E. Tolland Co. Joliet, Ill. 
Reprinted by permission "W. B. Conkey Co." 

Worth While. 

Illuminated by Alan Tabor. 
Marked: By permission of Gay & Hancock Ltd. No date but early 1900's. 
Size: 9 inches by 12 inches. 

Worth While. 

15 1/2" x 12 1/2". 

"New Haven, Connct. Res, of 
Ella W. Wilcox from the 
Summer House." 
Color Print 
Size: 10.5" x 14" 
Reproduction of an earlier postcard.
"The Traveling Salesman" in a railroad car. The reflection in the window is his wife reading to their child. 
Text of poem.
Henderson Publishing Company, New York. 1910. 
12 1/4" x 10 3/4"
YOU : in her thoughts. 

WWI Poster. 

"Hers" verses from poem "Meditations."

You Never Can Tell. 

2" x 7" 
On silk.


6 1/2 X 10 
SIGNED ella wheeler wilcox. 

God and the Doctor. 

House of Art, N.Y. 
No. 214 
7" x 10" 

[Wrongly attributed. Written by John Owen 
(1560 - 1622) in Epigram.]


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