All holy books of earth, all churches and all creeds,
Are based on spirit miracles.
Moses, Elias, Matthew, Mark and John,
Paul and Cornelius, Buddha, Swedenborg,
All talked with Angels, Yea, and many more.

That was a mighty promise that you made me:--not once,
      But many a time,
Whenever we discussed the topic death--
You promised me that were such things possible
      In God's vast Universe,
You would send back a message to my listening soul,
      Now am I listening with bated breath.

Always on earth you kept you promises. Why! never once
Through all the years, the wonderful great years
      We walked together
Did you forego your word and break a pledge
However trivial its purpose.

Surely that habit of a loyal mind endures;
      Surely that soul of yours
Has not been changed so utterly because it laid aside
The body which had died--
That it forgets a solemn promise made to me
      Not once, but many a time.
Why! such forgetfulness would be a crime
Against love, faith and hope, the precious three.
      It could not be.

So am I waiting, watching--in the light--and listening in the dark--
For any sight, or sound you may have sent:
      So do I lean and hark--
      Night in, day out--
Nor will I let my starved and eager spirit doubt
      Or sink in discontent
Because no answer comes.
      You promised me: some day, some way
Will open for you, dear, to keep your word.
So many eyes have seen--so many ears have heard.
Moses, Elias, Matthew, Mark and John--
Paul and Cornelius, Buddha, Swedenborg--
      All talked with Angels.
Science, which once denied, now patiently investigates.
I do not seek alone.

And I will knock upon the door of heaven
And shake God's window with the hands of prayer,
Asking for those old Angels, wise with centuries
Of large experience, to come to you,
Oh my beloved, and to show you how
To keep your promise, made in solemn faith--
      To bridge the River Death,
      And rend the veil between.
So many ears have heard--so many eyes have seen--
Why not mine own?
I do not seek alone--
      You promised me.

The worlds and I. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox. p. 346-7.
New York : George H. Doran Company, c1918.

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