Oh, the earth is full of sinning
    And of trouble and of woe,
But the devil makes an inning
    Every time we say it's so.
And the way to set him scowling,
    And to put him back a pace,
Is to stop this stupid growling,
    And to look things in the face.

If you glance at history's pages,
    In all lands and eras known,
You will find the buried ages
    Far more wicked than our own.
As you scan each word and letter,
    You will realize it more,
That the world to-day is better,
    Than it ever was before.

There is much that needs amending
    In the present time, no doubt,
There is right that needs amending,
    There is wrong needs crushing out.
And we hear the groans and curses
    Of the poor who starve and die
While the men with swollen purses
    In the place of hearts, go by.

But in spite of all the trouble
    That obscures the sun to-day
Just remember it was double,
    In the ages passed away.
And those wrongs shall all be righted,
    Good shall dominate the land,
For the darkness now is lighted
    By the torch in Science's hand.

Forth from little motes in Chaos,
    We have come to what we are,
And no evil force can stay us,
    We shall mount from star to star,
We shall break each bond and fetter
    That has bound us heretofore,
And the earth is surely better,
    Than it ever was before.

Poems of Power by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Chicago : W. B. Conkey, 1902.

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