We have scores of temperance men,
   Bold and earnest, brave and true,
Fighting with the tongue and pen,
   And we value what they do.
      But, my friends,
      To gain our ends,
   You must use the ballot, too.

When we tell about our cause,
   Politicians only smile;
While they mould and make our laws,
   What care they for rank or file?
      "Preach and pray,"
      They sneer and say;
   "We'll make liquor laws the while."

We want men who dare to fling
   Party ties and bonds away;
Who will cast them off, and cling
   To the RIGHT, and boldly say,
      "No beer bloats
      Shall get our votes."
   Then shall our cause gain the day.

Drops of Water: Poems by Ella Wheeler
New York : The National Temperance Society and Publication House, 1872.

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