I am not alone, for ever by me
There moves a Spirit you do not see:
A Spirit whose body has turned to dust,
But the soul keeps living as all souls must,
And it speeds through Ether to be at my side,
And soothe and comfort, and help and guide.

At night when in slumber my body is still,
And sleep has silenced my human will,
This Spirit calls to me softly and low,
And out of my body I rise and go
To visit the regions where some glad day
My soul unfettered shall go and stay.

When my soul slips back in my body at dawn,
Vague are my dreams of the night agone:
For my Spirit lover has told me this--
That world is a world of such perfect bliss
I could not go on with my duties here
If I brought back memories keen and clear.

So he gives me only memories dim,
And the courage and strength of those hours with him;
And over the Ether as over a sea,
Whenever I call him, he comes to me,
And sometimes, sometimes, the power is given,
For wonderful messages straight from heaven.

Spirits go oft from the earth away,
Leaving unsaid what they meant to say.
And we who love them, by prayer may reach
And softly open the door of speech.
'For nothing impossible shall be indeed
To one with the Faith of a mustard seed.'

'But this kind goeth howbeit not out
Save by prayer and fasting,' and conquering doubt;
Ceaseless the praying, and fervent the faith
That opens the doorway. closed by death.
But the door has opened, and Spirits free
From earthly fetters have talked with me.

The door has opened--and now I know
Much of that Region to which I go.
This earth is only a transient place,
Worlds Eternal lie out in Space,
Worlds Eternal and life Unending,
And the path to the grave is a path ascending.

Oh, sorrowing mourners of earth to-day,
Your dead are hovering near alway;
And ever they seek for a path to come
And say through the silence, 'We are not dumb.'
I speak of the things that I know to be,
For my Spirit lover has talked with me.

Poems of affection. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
London: Gay & Hancock, 1920.

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