Out of that wonderful world where God is,
The Lords of Karma the path have shown.
And given us lessons to learn in bodies--
Oh, many the bodies our souls have known!
In gem, and blossom, and sentient being.
In dull cave dweller and thinking man.
All things knowing, and feeling, and seeing--
This is the purpose and this the plan.

Forms are fashioned in wide world places
From flame and ether and common clay;
While egos wait in the high star spaces
Till the call shall come, which they must obey.
Oh, never a wish or a hope lies hidden
Of good or evil in any heart.
But back to earth shall the soul be bidden
To live out its longing, and play its part.

Grief and pleasure and joy and sorrow,
Out of old sowings we gather them all--
And the seed of to-day we shall harvest to-morrow,
When our souls come back at the karmic call.
Over and over the lesson learning,
Till, letter perfect, and meaning clear--
Back on the spiral pathway turning
We carry the knowledge we gathered here.

The thought of that last journey back to Him
When there is no more longing or desire
For anything but God left in my soul,
Shines in the distance like a great white flame.
I think the way will lead through golden clouds
Skirting the shores of seas of amethyst!
And winding gently upward; past old worlds,
Where body after body was outlived,
Past Hells and Heavens, where I had my day
With comrade Spirits from the lesser spheres
And paid my penalty for every sin
And reaped reward for every worthy act:
Past Realms Celestial and their singing hosts
(Where once I chanted with the cherubim)
Out into perfect silence. Suddenly
An all enveloping vast consciousness
Of long, long journeys finished: one more turn
Then glory, glory, glory infinite
And selfhood lost in being one with God.
The ray once more absorbed into the Sun.
The cycle done.

...I sat down that evening and wrote the following verses.  I felt as if the end of the world had come.  The universe seemed a vast cavern in which I sat alone and desolate. [see verses above]
  The next day my husband was attacked with a severe cold... The hard cold developed into pneumonia.  May twenty-first at 11.25 P. M. Robert's soul went to God.

The worlds and I. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox. p. 343-344.
New York : George H. Doran Company, c1918.

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