In the banquet hall of Progress
God has bidden to a feast
All the women in the East.

Some have said, 'We are not ready,--
    We must wait another day.'
Some, with voices clear and steady,
    'Lord, we hear, and we obey.'

Others, timid and uncertain,
    Step forth trembling in the light,
Many hide behind the curtain
    With their faces hid from sight.

In the banquet hall of Progress
All must gather soon or late,
And the patient Host will wait.

If to-day or if to-morrow,
    If in gladness, or in woe,
If with pleasure, or with sorrow,
    All must answer, all must go.
They must go with unveiled faces,
    Clothed in virtue and in pride.
For the Host has set their places,
    And He will not be denied.

Poems of Problems. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox
London : Gay and Hancock, 1914.

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