Batter in the home place,
   That was nobly done;
Try and get the first base--
   Run! Run! RUN!
Ah, there, short stop, will you miss?
Hear the people cheer and hiss,
   Hear them yell and shout.
Twinkling legs and flying feet--
(Oh, I wonder who will beat!)
   Faster, faster, out!
Umpire, umpire, go along;
That was wrong, sir, that was wrong.

Pitcher pitches, four balls,
   "Take your base, my man."
Toward the second now he crawls--
   "Steal it if you can."
Oh, the ball has gone so high,
Can they catch it on the fly?
   Ah, there is no doubt,
He will get his third, I vow--
Pshaw! the ball has got there now,
   "Two men out!"
Umpire, umpire, that was wrong;
Go along, sir, go along.

One man on the first base,
   Not a single run.
Boys are warming to the race--
   Now look out for fun.
Pitcher's arm maybe is tired;
Batter sudden seems inspired,
Grounds the ball to win.
Run there, run there, run your best,
I am screaming with the rest
   "Two men in!"
Umpire, umpire, go away;
Dead wrong, dead wrong, sir, I say.

What's the matter now, pray?
   Taking breath, that's all;
But the restless people say
   "Play ball, play ball."
One ball, two strikes, two balls--"Foul."
Umpire calls, and people howl:
   "What is he about?"
Run, run, run, run, Run, Run, RUN!
Half the inning now is done,
   "Three men out!"
Umpire, umpire, go along;
You are always, always wrong.

Kingdom of love and How Salvator won by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Chicago, W.B. Conkey company [1902].

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