Show me the way that leads to the true life.
   I do not care what tempests may assail me,
I shall be given courage for the strife,
   I know my strength will not desert or fail me;
I know that I shall conquer in the fray:
                                          Show me the way.

Show me the way up to a higher plane,
   Where body shall be servant to the soul.
I do not care what tides of woe, or pain,
   Across my life their angry waves may roll,
If I but reach the end I seek some day:
                                            Show me the way.

Show me the way, and let me bravely climb
   Above vain grievings for unworthy treasures;
Above all sorrow that finds balm in time--
   Above small triumphs, or belittling pleasures;
Up to those heights where these things seem child's play:
                                             Show me the way.

Show me the way to that calm, perfect peace
   Which springs from an inward consciousness of right;
To where all conflicts with the flesh shall cease,
   And self shall radiate with the spirit's light.
Though hard the journey and the strife, I pray
                                            Show me the way.

Poems of Passion by Ella Wheeler
Chicago : Belford, Clarke & Co, 1883.

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