The Poker proposed to the shovel
    That they should be man and wife,
"I think," said he, "that we could agree
    As we journey along through life."

The Shovel blushed as she answered,
    "I thank you kindly, Mister,
But my promise belongs to the faithful Tongs,
    So I only can be your sister."

And when the couple were married
    The Stove gave the Shovel away;
And it seemed too bad that the Poker, poor lad,
    Was the Tongs' best man on that day.

But the Poker soon after was wedded
    To the hearth broom, slender and slick;
And 'twas whispered about Mrs. Tongs was put out
    Because he found comfort so quick.

The Beautiful Land of Nod by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Chicago: Morrill, Higgins & Co. [1892]

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