(The Story of Scott Hudson's Blind Horse)

The record was this, the race was done-
The great blind conqueror, Rhythmic, won,
He sped in the dark though the sun rode high
In the cloudless arch of an August sky.
The world for him was a pall of black-
But he heard his master, he felt the track.
And he trusted the hands on the reins and knew
That the hand on the whip was love's hand too.
He saw not the path where his feet must fall;
To the eyes of his driver he trusted all.
Faith and courage, and strength of speed.
They won the day for the great blind steed.

Great is the lesson, O mortal blind;
God is the Master, His whip is kind.
Trust in His purpose though lost in the night,
The hand of the driver will guide aright.
Courage and faith and an even pace,
And God's eyes guiding will win the race.

            Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1903

From an unknown newspaper published in the United States in the 1970s.

Courtesy of Loren Acevedo

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