Whenever I am prone to doubt or wonder--
    I check myself, and say, "That mighty One
Who made the solar system cannot blunder--
    And for the best all things are being done."
Who set the stars on their eternal courses
    Has fashioned this strange earth by some sure plan.
Bow low, bow low to those majestic forces
    Nor dare to doubt their wisdom--puny man.

You can not put one little star in motion,
    You can not shape one single forest leaf,
Nor fling a mountain up, nor sink an ocean,
    Presumptuous pigmy, large with unbelief.
You can not bring one dawn of regal splendor,
    Nor bid the day to shadowy twilight fall,
Nor send the pale moon forth with radiance tender,
    And dare you doubt the One who has done all?

"So much is wrong, there is such pain--such sinning."
    Yet look again--behold how much is right!
And He who formed the world from its beginning
    Knows how to guide it upward to the light.
Your task, oh, man, is not to carp and cavil
    At God's achievements, but with purpose strong
To cling to good, and turn away from evil.
    That is the way to help the world along.

Poems of Power by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Chicago : W. B. Conkey, 1902.

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