JULY 4th, 1871.


Ho! for the day in the whole year the brightest!
      Long may it live in the hearts of the Nation!
Long may it be ere the names are forgotten
   That boldly were signed to the grand Declaration!
Shout, sons of Liberty! shout for the one land free
         Under the sun!
On this thrice blessèd day, its bonds were struck away,
         Its thongs undone!

   Ho! for our banner, the emblem of Freedom!
      What can arouse a true hero's devotion
   What like the Stars and Stripes, floating above us?
      Queen of all lands, and the peer of the ocean.
Oh it is fair to see, oh it is dear to me,
         Flag of the brave!
Time's wheel shall cease to move, true hearts shall cease to love,
         Ere it cease to wave.

Eight years ago to-day, Vicksburg surrendered!
   Oh there was joy in the heart of the nation!
Three rousing cheers for the brave boys who conquered,
   Giving their lives, for their Country's salvation.
Three more for Columbia, and this her natal day.
         God speed the Right.
And guard from a traitor's hand, this our beloved land
         And the Red, Blue and White.

Broadside. Madison, Wisconsin. July 4, 1871
By order of E.B. Dean, Jr., Chief Marshal

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