My first guest

(Gertrude Garrison)

Into my home's undivided light
  She brought a lustre of her own.
As some June morning seems more bright
  After a rose has blown.

We planned to entertain a friend
  But we were entertained instead.
The fabled graces seemed to lend
  A charm to all she said.

With the first clasping of her hand
  I felt new strength within me stir,
As if some force unseen and grand
  was sent to me thro' her.

And when she went the strength remained
  Her influence like a perfume stays
Still am I cheered and entertained
  Thro' sweet continued days.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Meriden Ct. [1884-1887]

Gertrude Garrison Papers (A/G 241)
Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute.

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