My love has not been long in heaven,
And there is much to see--
Fair ways to go, great souls to know,
And yet it may not be
Until his spirit finds the path
That leads him back to me.

Imperious was the call he heard
To join the countless dead;
He could not stay, but went away
And left so much unsaid.
And now he searches for the road
Returning spirits tread.

That road winds in among the stars,
And has been trod by hosts.
And yet the route is not marked out
With milestones or with posts.
I fear my love may go astray
In that strange land of ghosts.

Old angels of the universe
Who understand the way,
Wise veteran souls who know all goals--
Come to his aid, I pray,
And show my love the shortest road
Back to the earth to-day.

Oh! never since sad Mary stood
Beside the tomb at dawn,
Was need like mine of some last sign
From one who has passed on;
And like unto mine own, the need
Is of my loved one gone.

I will not ask to keep him here
When his dear face I see,
Nor does he seek more than to speak
One little word to me.
Such things have been since time began--
Lord, may not this thing be?

Poems of affection. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
London: Gay & Hancock, 1920.

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