Love gives us curious potions of delight,
   Of pain and ecstacy, and peace and care,
Love leads us upward, to the mountain height
   And, like an angel, stands beside us there.
Then thrusts us, demon-like, in some abyss
   Where, in the darkness of despair, we grope
Till, suddenly, love greets us with a kiss
   And guides us back to flowery fields of hope.

Love makes all wisdom seem but poorest folly,
   And yet the simplest mind, with love grows wise.
The gayest heart, he teaches melancholy;
   Yet glorifies the erstwhile brooding eyes.
Love lives on change, and yet at change love mocks,
For love's whole life, is one great paradox.

Poems of progress and new thought pastels by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Chicago : W. B. Conkey Company [1909].

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