Don't bring into the lodge-room
   Anger, and spite, and pride.
Drop at the gate of the temple
   The strife of the world outside.
Forget all your cares and trials,
   Forget every selfish sorrow,
And remember the cause you meet for,
   And haste ye the glad to-morrow.

Drop at the gate of the temple
   Envy, and spite, and gloom.
Don't bring personal quarrels
   And discord into the room.
Forget the slights of a sister,
   Forget the wrongs of a brother,
And remember the new commandment,
   That ye all love one another.

Bring your heart into the lodge-room,
   But leave yourself outside,
That is, your personal feelings,
   Ambition, vanity, pride.
Centre each thought and power
   On the cause for which you assemble,
Fetter the demon liquor,
   And make ye the traffic tremble.

Ay! to fetter and to chain him,
   And cast him under our feet,
This is the end we aim at,
   The object for which we meet.
Then don't bring into the lodge-room,
   Envy, or strife, or pride,
Or aught that will mar our union,
   But leave them all outside.

Drops of Water: Poems by Ella Wheeler
New York : The National Temperance Society and Publication House, 1872.

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