It was a way of Helen's not to sing
   The songs that other people sang; she took
   Sometimes an extract from an olden book--
Again some floating, fragmentary thing,
   And these she fitted to old melodies,
   Or else composed the music. One of these
She sang that night; and Vivian caught the strain.
And joined her in the chorus or refrain:
O thou, mine other stronger part,
   Whom yet I cannot hear or see,
Come thou and take this loving heart,
   That longs to yield its all to thee.
I call mine own, O come to me--
Love, answer back, "I come to thee,
                       I come to thee!"

This hungry heart, so warm, so large
   Is far too great a care for me.
I have grown weary of the charge
   I keep so sacredly for thee.
Come, then, and take my heart from me--
Love, answer back, "I come to thee,
                      I come to thee."

I am a'weary, waiting here
   For one who tarries long from me.
O, art thou far, or art thou near,
   And must I still be sad for thee?
Love, answer, "I am near to thee,
                      I am come to thee!"

Poems of Love by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Chicago: M.A.Donohue, 1905.

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