My heart is like a little bird
    That sits and sings for very gladness.
Sorrow is some forgotten word,
    And so, except in rhyme, is sadness.

The world is very fair to me--
    Such azure skies, such golden weather,
I'm like a long caged bird set free,
    My heart is lighter than a feather.

I rise rejoicing in my life;
    I live with love for God and neighbor;
My days flow on unmarred by strife,
    And sweetened by my pleasant labor.

Oh youth! Oh spring! Oh happy days,
    Ye are so passing sweet, and tender,
And while the fleeting season stays,
    I'll revel care-free, in its splendor.

Poems of reflection. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Chicago, M.A. Donohue & company [c1905].

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