I read the morning news
    Here in this cosy spot,
And life seems a thing most sweet.
    I wonder would I meet
The coming day with as glad a thought
    Had I toiled all night till the break of the dawn
That the world might know what is going on.

I read, and rest, and dream
    Beside the glowing grate.
And life seems warm and good.
    I wonder if it would
Had it happened that mine were the fate
    To dig like a worm in the deep dark mold
That the world above me might keep off cold.

Out on the deck I sit,
    While the ship speeds on apace;
Oh, life is a joy at sea.
I wonder would it be
Had it happened that mine were the place
    Down in the hot, close hold of the boat
To stoke the engine and keep it afloat.

On the flying train I speed
    Off for a holiday;
And life is a lazy dream.
    I wonder how it would seem
If I sat while the dark night paled the gray
    Watching the signals with eyes astrain
And my whole thought bent on guiding the train.

Guardian angels who fill sky spaces,
    Unseen Helpers and Spirit Friends,
Bless all the toilers in humble places
    On whom the comfort of earth depends.
And waken the heart of the world till it heed
    Their cry of need.

World Voices by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
New York : Hearst"s International Library Company 1916.

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