It does not matter very much to me
     Thro' what strange ways my pathway now may lead--
  Since I know that it runs away from thee
     I give it little heed.

  It does not matter if in calm or strife
     Shall ebb or flow for me the future's tide,
  I had but one great longing in my life,
     And that has been denied.

  It does not matter if I stand or fall,
     Or walk with kings or with the rank or file,
  Life's loftiest aims and best ambitions all,
     Were centered in thy smile.

  It does not matter what the world may say,
     I feel no interest in its blame or praise,
  I only know we dwell apart today,
     And shall thro' endless days.

  It does not matter, for my restless heart
     Is numb to sorrow, or to pleasure's touch;
  Since it must be that we two drift apart,
     Why nothing matters much.                                              --Ella Wheeler.

The News and Observer-- [Raleigh, NC] 26 Mar. 1886: 3.

Courtesy of John M. Freiermuth.

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