ON the river of life as I float along,
    I see with the spirit's sight
That many a nauseous weed of wrong
    Has root in a seed of right.
For evil is good that has gone astray,
    And sorrow is only blindness,
And the world is always under the sway
    Of a changeless law of kindness.
The commonest error a truth can make
    Is shouting its sweet voice hoarse,
And sin is only the soul's mistake
    In misdirecting its force.
And love, the fairest of all fair things
    That ever to man descended,
Grows rank with nettles and poisonous things
    Unless it is watched and tended.
There could not be anything better than this
    Old world in the way it began,
And though some matters have gone amiss
    From the great original plan,
And however dark the skies may appear,
    And however souls may blunder,
I tell you it all will work out clear,
    For good lies over and under.

The Cosmopolitan 31.2 (Jun. 1901): 208.

Courtesy of John M. Freiermuth.

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