[A tribute to the memory of Thurlow W Brown, who devoted his life to the cause of temperance, and whose truly marvellous labors and sacrifices for that cause are but half understood or appreciated.]

Looking some papers over,
   Dusty and dim and old,
I found some words that thrilled me
   With their ring of genuine gold--
Words that were better than rubies,
   And they stirred me even to tears,
For the hand that wrote them has rested
   Under the sod for years.

O name to be spoken softly!
   O sainted Thurlow Brown!
The world lost one of its heroes
   When he dropped the cross for the crown.
And the cause he loved and fought for
   Lost more than my tongue can tell
For he left no soul behind him
   That could do the work so well.

When I think of his mighty labors,
   My own seem weak and vain,
And I know that his place in the vineyard
   Can never be filled again.
But the burning words that he uttered,
   Or that dropped like coals from his pen,
Shall live for ever and ever
   In the hearts and minds of men.

O God! if spirits do ever
   Come down from heaven on high,
Let the spirit of this great hero
   Sometimes be hovering nigh;
And give him the power to guide us
   In all that we do or say
For the cause he loved and fought for.
   Oh! grant it, Lord, I pray.

Drops of Water: Poems by Ella Wheeler
New York : The National Temperance Society and Publication House, 1872.

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