If he were with us now - how would he seem?
That babe who came, and vanished like a dream.
    That fragile blossom from the heart of May,
    That bloomed and perished in a single day.

If he were with us now - would his dear eyes
    (That opened first as fields of Paradise)
  Be like mine own, or haply pictured there
Would I behold that other worshipped pair?

  If he were with us now, what frisky ways
Would fill with growing pleasure all the days.
What tales of wise precocious tricks and looks
Would please us more than any love of books.

As months grow into years, this thought will stay,
  And o'er and o'er our lonesome hearts will say
  "If he were with us now"! That chord of pain
  Must evermore tinge lifes' melodious strain.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Courtesy of Lori DeCarlo. From a holographic copy at Yale University.

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