Little by little the year grows old,
    The red leaves drop from the maple boughs;
The sun grows dim, and the winds blow cold,
    Down from the distant arctic seas.

Out of the skies the soft light dies,
    And the shadows of autumn come creeping over,
And the bee and the bird are no longer heard
    In grove or meadow, or field of clover.

Little by little our lives grow old,
    Our faces no longer are fair to see;
For gray creeps into the curls of gold,
    And the red fades out of the cheeks, ah me!

And the birds that sang till our heart strings rang
    With strains of hope, and joy, and pleasure,
Have flown away; and our hearts today
    Hear only the weird wind's solemn measure.

Youth and summer, and beauty and bloom,
    Droop and die in the autumn weather,
But up from the gloom of the winter's tomb,
    They shall rise, in God's good time, together.

Poems of Love by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Chicago: M.A.Donohue, 1905.

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