Along a narrow Moorish street
      A blue-eyed soldier strode.
         (Ah, well-a-day)
   Veiled from her lashes to her feet
      She stepped from her abode,
         (Ah, lack-a-day).

   Now love may guard a favoured wife
      Who leaves the harem door;
         (Ah, well-a-day)
   But hungry hearted is her life
      When she is one of four.
         (Ah, lack-a-day).

   If black eyes glow with sudden fire
      And meet warm eyes of blue--
         (Ah, well-a-day).
   The old, old story of desire
      Repeats itself anew.
         (Ah, lack-a-day.)

   When bugles blow the soldier flies--
      Though bitter tears may fall
         (Ah, lack-a-day).
   A Moorish child with blue, blue eyes
      Plays in the harem hall.
         (Ah, well-a-day.)

Picked Poems. by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Chicago: W. B. Conkey Company, 1912.

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