Let me lie upon your breast,
    Lift me up, and let me twine
'Round your neck my arms, and rest
    With your cheek laid close to mine.
Kiss me, kiss me tenderly;
    I am dying now, you know;
Though you feel no love for me,
    Clasp me, kiss me, ere I go.

I have lingered many years,
    For a moment, love, like this;
Oh! my darling! let no tears
    Mar this drop of earthly bliss;
Do not weep because you know
    I am dropping off to rest;
I am very glad to go,
    Life was wearisome at best.

I have loved you, oh, so long,
    Seeing, knowing, in my brain,
That my love was wild and wrong,
    Unrequitted, hopeless, vain;
Was it weak, unwomanly,
    Thus to shrine you in my heart?
Oh! I struggled frantically--
    Bade your image to depart.

There are hearts that love will pierce,
    Then depart, and die at will;
Such as mine burns long and fierce,
    Till the heart is cold and still,
Dropping, sinking off to rest,
    Fearing naught of pain or strife;
Kiss me--clasp me to your breast,
    This is all I ask of life.

Poems of reflection. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Chicago, M.A. Donohue & company [c1905].

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