Love reigned King in my heart one day,
  Reigned with his courtiers three--
Belief unspoken, Trust unbroken,
  And Faith as deep as the sea.
And I cried in sweet pain, "Oh long may they reign,
And my heart be their kingdom alway."

But the Courtier's Belief slipped down from his throne
  And died at the feet of King Love.
I saw him falling, all vainly calling
  To the King and the Courtiers above.
And he struggled with death and he labored for breath,
Till he died with a heart-broken moan

"But the King and his two noble courtiers still reign,
  And shall reign forever," I said;
But lo, on the morrow, I wept in keen sorrow,
  For Trust in his beauty lay dead.
And I bured him low, and I said, "Now I know
How to value the two who remain."

But Faith drooped and died; and Love sat alone,
  And he pined for the ones who were dead;
A king without reason he reigned for a season
  But his strength and his glory had fled.
And no pain stirred my breast and I said, "It is best,"
When he tottered and fell from his throne.

The Worlds and I. 1918, p. 30-31

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