Whenever the Christmas season
   Lends luster and peace to the year,
And the ling-long-ling of the bells that ring
   Tell only of joy and cheer,
I hear in the sweet, wild music
   These words, and I hold them true:
"The Christ who was born on Christmas morn
   Did only what you can do."

Each soul that has breath and being
   Is touched with Heaven's own fire,
Each living man is part of the plan
   To lift the world up higher.
No matter how narrow your limits,
   Go forth and make them broad!
You are every one the daughter or son --
   Crown Prince or Princess of God.

Have you sinned? It is only an error —
   Your spirit is pure and white.
It is truth's own ray and will find its way
   Back into the path of right.
Have you failed? It is only in seeming —
   The triumph will come at length.
You are born to succeed, you will have what you need,
   If you will but believe in your strength.

No matter how poor your record —
   Christ lives in the heart of you,
And the shadow will roll up and off from your soul,
   If you will but own this true.
For "Christ" means the spirit of goodness,
   And all men are good at the core,
Look searchingly in thro' the coating of sin,
   And lo! there is Truth to adore.

Believe in yourself and your motives,
   Believe in your strength and your worth,
Believe you were sent from God's fair firmament
   To aid and ennoble the Earth.
Believe in the Savior within you —
   Know Christ and your spirit are one,
Stand forth deified by your own noble pride,
   And whatever you ask shall be done.

The Life [Kansas City, MO] 1.1 (Jan. 1902): 269-270.

Courtesy of Rev. Dr. C. William Mercer.

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