The brewer's dog is abroad, boys,
   Be careful where you stray,
His teeth are coated with poison,
   And he's on the watch for prey.
The brewery is his kennel,
   But he lurks on every hand,
And he seeks for easy victims
   The children of the land.

His eyes gleam through the windows
   Of the gay saloon at night,
And in many a first-class "drug-store"
   He is hiding out of sight.
Be careful where you enter,
   And, if you smell his breath,
Flee as you would from a viper,
   For its fumes are the fumes of death.

O boys! would you kill the bloodhound?
   Would you slay the snarling whelp?
I know that you can do it
   If every one will help.
You must make a solemn promise
   To drink no ale or beer,
And soon the feeble death-wail
   Of the brewer's dog we'll hear.

For, if all keep the promise,
   You can starve him out, I know;
But, if boys and men keep drinking,
   The dog will thrive and grow.

Drops of Water: Poems by Ella Wheeler
New York : The National Temperance Society and Publication House, 1872.

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