Good-bye -- yes, I am going.
   Sudden? Well, you are right;
But a startling truth came home to me
   With sudden force last night.
What is it? Shall I tell you--
   Nay, that is why I go;
I am running away from the battle-field,
   Turning my back on the foe.

Riddles? You think me cruel!
   Have you not been most kind?
Why, when you question me like that
   What answer can I find?
You fear you failed to amuse me,
   Your husband's friend and guest,
Whom he bade you entertain and please;
   Well, you have done your best.

Then why am I going? Listen:
   A friend of mine abroad,
Whose theories I have been acting upon,
   Has proven himself a fraud.
You have heard me quote from Plato
   A thousand times, no doubt;
Well, I have discovered he did not know
   What he was talking about.

You think I am speaking strangely?
   You cannot understand?
Well, let me look down into your eyes,
   And let me hold your hand.
I am running away from danger--
   I am flying before I fall;
I am going because with heart and soul
   I love you--that is all.
There, now, you are white with anger;
   I knew it would be so.
You should not question a man too close
   When he tells you he must go.

Kingdom of love and How Salvator won by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Chicago, W.B. Conkey company [1902].

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