Always at sea I think about the dead.
On barques invisible they seem to sail
The selfsame course; and from the decks cry "Hail."
Then I recall old words that they have said,
And see their faces etched upon the mist--
   Dear faces I have kissed.

Always the dead seem very close at sea.
The coarse vibrations of the earth debar
Our spirit friends from coming where we are.
But through God's ether unimpeded, free
They wing their way, the ocean dees above--
   And find the hearts that love.

Always at sea my dead come very near--
A growing host; some old in spirit lore,
And some who crossed to find the other shore
But yesterday. All, all, I see and hear
With inner senses, while the voice of faith
   Proclaims--there is no death.

"Always at Sea." (Poem)
Current Literature 51 (Sept. 1911): 335.

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