One night Nurse Sleep held out her hand
   To tired little May.
"Come, go with me to wonder-land,"
   She cooed, "I know the way,
Just rock-a-by-hum-m-m
   And lo! we come
To the place where the dream-girls play."

But naughty May she wriggled away
   From Sleep's soft arms, and she said:
"I must stay awake till I eat my cake,
   And then I will go to bed;
With a by-lo-away I will go."
   But the good nurse shook her head.
She shook her head and away she sped,
   While May was munching a crumb.
But after the cake there came an ache,
   Though May cried "Come, Sleep, come!"
And it's oh! my! let us by-lo-by",
   But all save the echoes were dumb.
May ran after Sleep toward wonder-land,
  Ran till the morning light,
And just as she caught her and clasped her hand,
   A nightmare gave her a fright.
And it's by-lo, I hope she will know
   Better another night.

The Beautiful Land of Nod by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Chicago: Morrill, Higgins & Co. [1892]

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