St. Albans
349 West 58th Street       N. York

Dear Sir/  From your last 
letter I am puzzled to 
know which poem you 
desire. I remember that 
you spoke in your first 
letter of having had the 
poem for "several years" 
so I necessarily suppose 
it was the longer one
I enclose -- & which I 
have now found by 
looking thro 1700 pages 
of M.S. books.

The short poem 
which your last letter 
quotes from-- I

wrote only a year ago-- 
after the death - of my 
own one day old boy.

This poem is included 
in my new volume just 

The longer poem is 
very crude--and faulty 
but I send it lest it 
be the one desired.

  yours my living,

Ella Wheeler Wilcox