This letter was found in a copy of "Poems of Pleasure" (Beldford-Clark, 1891). It is thought the book was sent along with the letter by Ella to the original owner. The book has "Sula Hudgens, February 20th 1892" on the front end paper. Laid in is this letter to Miss Hudgens.
125 W 44th St
New York
Dear Miss Hudgens / This 

man Joyce was two 
years in an insane 
asylum--& two 
years a convict. 
   I have no such 
record to offer-- 
& therefore feel any 
further controversy with 
him undignified. 
   He began this 
persecution -- 8 
or 9 years ago--just 
as a lunatic crank 
did with Elizabeth 

Akers Allen --claiming 
he wrote--"Rock me to Sleep" 
   I wrote "Solitude" & 
have no earthly need 
of claiming it to make 
me fame or name. 
I have written hundreds 
of poems as good & 
as well known. 
   This man sets this 
story afloat every few 
months hoping to 
be brought into notice 
by my reply.  I long 
ago ceased to notice 
him--as I learned 
of his career & 
his lack of character. 
My whole life has been based 
on sincerity of act & thought 
in small & great things.  No 
one whose opinion I value could 
doubt my claim to the Poem. 
        Yours Sincerely 

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Transcription by Richard A. Edwards
Original held by a private collector.