The Rockingham.

Narragansett Pier, R.I.  Aug 12 1888

Editor Sun/ I do not un-
derstand why you chose
to annoy and embarras
me, by the heading you
gave to my poem.
  It is the first
time any Editor in the
U. S. ever labelled
a favor to me.  I have
several times asked Editors
to republish some scrap
of verse--which my
friends have desired
for scrap-books.
Never before was

my request announced
to the public -- and
I placed in an
undignified and foolish
  I assure you sir -- I
shall never trouble you
with any request in
the future -- and I
beg you to destroy the
verses sent you recently. 
  Assuring you that I
feel as humiliated
as you could wish --
I am Sincerely yours

   Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Transcribed by Richard A. Edwards
Courtesy of the  Department of Special Collections, the Pennsylvania State University Libraries
Unversity Park, PA
This letter may not be further reproduced or published without the written permission of the Head of Special Collections.