Myrtle Grove, Youghal, Ireland, July 3, 1918.
My dear Mrs. Wheeler Wilcox:  I am quite willing that you
should quote my name as a believer in the fact that our loved
ones who have passed "behind the veil" can communicate with
us. As you know, I have recently had the supreme anguish of
losing my beloved husband. I felt that if indeed death were
not the extinction of identity he who had so loved and cared
for me would find means of giving some sign that he had not
left me forever, and so save me from despair. Thank God, he
has done so, and the communications I have received, as I believe
from him, have been a ray of comfort in the dark night of my
overwhelming sorrow. When on earth, my husband was greatly
interested in occult subjects and had his life been spared intended
studying them further.
                          Believe me, yours affectionately,
                                                                   Edith Blake.

The Worlds and I by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Page 409