1756 Wilton Place,
Hollywood, Calif.
Jan. 15th. 1917.

My dear Miss. Mason:-
                            I hardly understand why the
New York Single Tax League should make a
circulating library of my letter.  Meantime,
I think you must have mis-read the letter.
I did not say that I should never write again
--- I said that I should never write prose again,
and that was no longer interested in reform
causes and organizations.  Neither am I.  I 
have come to see that just so much suffering
is a part of the evolution of the race to
something higher, and if I in my daily envir-
onment, do as I would be done by, accomplish
every duty placed before me as well as I know
how, return good for evil, etc. that my time
will be wholly occupied for the remainder of
my time on earth, without taking part in the 
large reforms.  The time which I gave to
bothering myself about many of those subjects,
I am going to give now to Study, Meditation,
Prayer, and Psychical Research.  I am giving 
from two to four hours a day to the study of
the Harp, as my beloved would want me to, I
know; and I have written nine poems for pub-
lication in the last two months.  I am doing
all I can with thought, affection, and money,
to assist those who were dear to my husband,
and others who are more or less dependent
upon my care.  I think each one of us must
work out our own life problems, in our own

way, and according to our own light.
             Thanking you, however, for your 
kindly intention, I am
              Sincerely yours
Transcribed by Richard A. Edwards
Courtesy of the  Department of Special Collections, the Pennsylvania State University Libraries
Unversity Park, PA
This letter may not be further reproduced or published without the written permission of the Head of Special Collections.