I wrote to a friend in August, 1906, the following lines, from Mayence, German:

   "We saw the Kaiser to-day, reviewing his troops. Twenty
thousand. It was a great sight, but made one feel that Universal
Peace, so much talked about, is a million years away. IT IS. The
Kaiser looked older than we had imagined from his pictures. We
were very near him, and as we drove back to the hotel, he passed
our carriage so closely we could have touched him."

To that same friend I wrote from Cologne:

   "The Church of St. Ursula is built on the spot where Attila, the
Hun, returning from a pilgrimage to Rome, with his soldiers,
slaughtered St. Ursula and eleven thousand virgins. The interior
of this Church is decorated with their bones.
   "In jeweled cases repose skulls, many of them in lovely lace
caps embroidered by devout worshipers. One room of the Church
has its walls fairly papered with the bones of these slaughtered

The Worlds and I by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Page 218