St. Louis, October 22, 1904.
Mrs. Ella Wheeler Wilcox,
  "Princess White Wings,"
      St. Louis, Mo.
  Dear Princess:  Your coming to visit us in the Indian Congress
gladdened our hearts like the Star in the North sky, that guides us
when we are far away, back to our wigwam home on the
  Our hearts bleed with happiness when you shake our hands at
the Indian Congress.
  We feel much good and beg the Great Spirit of the Red Man
to make the wind blow nice and the great forest bow its leaves
and limbs in the presence of the big sun in the skies, whenever
you are present.
  We shake your hand and send a little present, bead pocket-
book, to fill with the Paleface money and hope it always be big
full, so our Princess have always plenty in the Paleface land.
  We always meet you gladly and protect you when come among
our people.
  Chief La Kota, he too help to guide you to where all our
people live.
  We shake your hand,
                                            Signed, Chief Red Shirt,
                                                         Chief Red Star,
                                                         Chief Spotted Tail,
                                                         Chief American Horse,
for all the Indians at the Cummins' Indian Congress.

  As interpreted by me, Henry Standing Bear.