Windsor  Wis[consin].
Apr 20th [18]94
My dear Mrs Woods/ I dreamed
last night that I was
about to read a poem
in public & had
stage fright. That
is just what I would 
have--I can not 
speak or read in 
public. So I wish--
to beg you not to 
ask me to. I 
always get a reader 
for such things. 
  I enclose a bit 
of verse which will 
be appropriate--for 


the Guilds Breakfast
--if you will find some
one to read it for me. 
  It is the best I can 
do for you. I really 
can not make a 
speech--or reply to
a toast--or read 
my own verses--
I wish I could
  Hoping we will all 
have a very nice time 
the 5th--cordially 

     Ella Wheeler Wilcox


You will have so many celebrities
on hand--I really wish you 
would let me off wholly--& per-
mit me to be merely one of the 
observant guests. I like that so
much better than to be a 
performer. My address while I am travelling is
     4A East 14th St New York." 
Original held by a private collector.