Windsor, Wisc. 
Oct - 12 - 92 

My dear Mr. Hunt/ your 
letter was forwarded to me here, 
where I am making my annual 
  In regard to Backellers 
Syndicate - they ordered an 
article of me on Boarding 
Schools - 1500 words within 
48 hours! "as I could write 
the fastest & sharpest on short 
notice of any one" -- was 
the message. I made it 
& received my price for 
a single article $40. 
  I have no more idea 
where your Syndicate 
or theirs place their 
articles than I have where 
the man in the moon

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buys his cigars. All 
I know is, where I get 
the quickest & largest 
returns for my work! 
  The Bok Syndicate 
has just requested a series 
of six articles. Backeller 
wanted to make an en- 
gagement for an article 
a week for 3 months 
but we could not come 
to terms. I do not like 
to distribute my work 
about among so many- 
& would prefer to con- 
centrate, but must of 
course make the best 
terms for myself. 
  Sincerely yours 
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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Transcribed by Richard A. Edwards
Courtesy of the James S.Copley Library, La Jolla, CA