Meriden Ct. Apr 18 '85
Gen. Jubal Early/
             Dear Sir / The enclosed
clipping I think contains the
germ of a strong & stirring
poem.  But I desire more
information upon the subject
& I thought possibly you could
give that information.
   Or could you tell me
in what war book on history
I could find the details
of this assault.  Any in-
-formation would be very
gratefully received by
        Yours Sincerely,
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Meriden CT.
Please return clipping.
Image Withheld


Transcription by Richard A. Edwards
Courtesy of the Virginia Historical Society
Richmond, VA
Reproduced by permission.

From:  Lee Shepard[]
Sent:  Saturday, July 15, 2000 11:54 AM
Subject:  Ella Wheeler Wilcox letter

Dear Dr. Richard A. Edwards:
    Your letter of June 27 reached the Virginia Historical Society this
past week, but I have been out of the office a good bit and only have
gotten to attend to it today.  The Society has no objection to the
posting on your web site of a transcription of the letter of Ella
Wheeler Wilcox from the Early family papers in our holdings that you
    I am hopeful that for the immediate future, a transcription of the
letter, with appropriate citations to the Society as owner of the
original document, will suffice.  I will be pleased to send you a letter
to this effect for your records if you so desire.
        Lee Shepard
E. Lee Shepard
Assistant Director for
 Manuscripts and Archives
Virginia Historical Society
P.O. Box 7311
Richmond, VA 23221-0311
(804) 342-9670