The Hand of Ella Wheeler Wilcox
by C.W.Child

The Occult Review. London: William Rider and son, Ltd. Christmas Number, December 1919, p. 341-344.

The hands of the famous poetess afford an excellent illustration of the truth of Hand Reading as a science, revealing as they do very remarkable characteristics and talents, the untiring exercise of which have made her world-famous and enabled her to be of permanent service to humanity.

Take the hand as a whole. We are reproducing the right hand, this representing the hand of action, that of the left being the hand of thought and natural inherited tendencies. To begin with, it will be seen that the hand is rather small. This in itself is indicative of a very receptive nature, with rare capacity for appreciation and imitation. Then again, the fingers are about the same length as the palm. This is most unusual and, speaking generally, denotes superb judgement, with appreciation and capacity for detail. Still further, it will be noticed that the fingers stand well away from each other, thereby testifying to a naturally independent nature, with exceptional ability to deal with social and philanthropic affairs, those of a more serious, permanent and profound relationship, as well as those representing the Arts and others of a more mercurial character. In addition to these outstanding characteristics, the features already noted bespeak marked independence of thought, circumstance and action. The nice rounding of the tips--it should perhaps be mentioned here that the peculiar bulging and development of the upper and lower joints of the fingers were unfortunately caused by rheumatism, which greatly distressed their eminent owner--taken in conjunction with the even-setting of the fingers along the palms, testifying to a very idealistic and inspirational temperament and exceptional serenity of mind. It may, in passing, be interesting to the reader to know that in those cases where the fingers are evenly placed upon the hand, one has unmistakable evidence of success and good temper. Before leaving the fingers, attention should be drawn to the fact that the middle joint is in every case, with the exception of the little Mercury digit, the longest and therefore the strongest, attesting thereby unusual business aptitude and capacity to deal with practical affairs of the moment. Hence her cheery and uplifting message to the toiler, bidding humanity ever to aspire and resolve to live to the highest of its powers. The extra length of the first (nail) phalanx of the little, fourth finger, is eloquent of rare facility of expression, keen powers of observation, the born character reader and student of human nature while, the unusual length and development of the finger as a whole attests the possession of the priceless gift of being able to use her faculties and knowledge and thereby get the utmost out of herself. It can safely be asserted that all self-made people and those whose lofty achievements outlive their mortal lives, are always characterized by the possession of a strong, powerful little, Mercury finger.

Attention should now be called to the thumb, its development and setting. This is Man's greatest distinguishing feature, being the one member that differentiates him from the brute creation. As an eminent pracher once stated, when called upon for an accurate definition of a man, that "A man is a being capable of walking erect on his hind legs and possessing the perogative of a thumb." As the thumb of the monkey is nothing more than a wad of flesh stuck on the palm, and at best is but a very poor imitation of the real thing, this is one of the fullest, plainest, and therefore simplest statements of fact that can be given. Now in the case of the celebrated author whose hand we are delineating, it will be observed that the thumb is long and shapely and set rather close to the hand. This proclaims a powerful will, the possession of a logical mind and great capacity to love as well as desire and ability to heal the wounds and assuage the griefs of her suffering fellow-mortals incidental to their passage through this phase of experience called Life. At the same time testifying to rare powers of self-control and worldly courage, and the exceptional powers of endurance. In other words, the warior. Now to the lines. These, it will be seen, are very numerous, delicately marked and clearly defined. Take first the centre line crossing the palm towards the wrist, designated in the science of the hand, the Line of Head or Mentality. As the thumb is the most remarkable member of the hand, so the line of the head is the most wonderful of all the markings. This will be manifest when it is stated that it represents that which produces, sustains and changes the whole of the markings on the palm, namely the brain. Its unusual length, development and gentle sloping towards the Mount of the Moon, therefore, proclaims abundant mentality, versatility and imagination. It will further be noted that this line at its source is slightly separated from the line encircling the ball of the thumb (Line of Life). This is ever the case when mental independence is manifest, revealing as it does self-confidence, impulse and capacity and courage to immediately carry out the dictates of the brain. Readers may like to know that the gentle sloping of this line is an infalliable

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indication of romance and imagination, the owners of such invariably feeling compelled to follow their natural bent irrespective of profit or loss. The next line calling for attention is the upper one starting from beneath the first index finger and tracing its way across the palm to the percussion. This is called the Line of Heart and registers the physical condition of that organ and the capacity for and appreciation of, affection. In the illustration herewith presented, it will be remarked that the line rises high and travels very low down across the palm. Here we have evidence of genuine affection and sincere regard for humanity and good all-round ability. Emphasis may be laid here that one of the most interesting, reliable and valuable indications afforded by the lines on our hands is that of the line of heart or affection when it traverses its way low down beneath the fingers, testifying thereby to exceptional ability and skill. We now come to the third principal line, namely, the Line of Life. This, it will be seen, extends well out into the palm and is entirely free from breaks or irregularities. Hence it evinces abundant vitality, with its consequent joyousness, agreeableness of disposition, capacity to enjoy life and ability to soothe and heal. the fulness and fine development at the outside base of thumb, taken in combination with the sloping line of head to which attention has already been drawn and the fleshy development of its opposite mount (Luna or the Moon) testify to Mrs. Wilcox's supreme gift of poesy, the ascending lines towards the fingers, especially the well-marked Mount of Apollo or Sun (the portion immediately beneath the third, ring finger) proclaiming fame and prosperity as the natural and inevitable outcome of the unwearying exercise of natural gifts.

Altogether, this remarkable hand is prophetic of an exalted and spiritual nature, bespeaking the mental temperament and revealing one richly endowed with qualities of both head and heart.