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What is the Ella Wheeler Wilcox Society? It is currently a loose association of many people worldwide who enjoy the work of the Victorian-era American journalist, writer and poet, Ella Wheeler Wilcox. There is no formal rules, no dues, just the fellowship of fellow collectors, fans and researchers.

We maintain a mailing list. If you wish to subscribe, or to read archived postings, click here to go to the eSociety!  We currently have more than 60 members around the world.

To aid collectors, I have compiled some resources. I maintain a database of prices people have been paying for Ella books from various sources. The results of the latest survey are available by clicking here.

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What's New!
Special Ella Wheeler Wilcox Web Projects

We made it to the 5th anniversary of the Ella Project. This has been a great year. The two goals we have for every year are to add the next book of Ella's in chronological order and to add one poem for every day of each year of the project.  As of July 7th, Ella's 5th book (and first prose novel), Mal Moulee, has been added to our website. And after five years the website now has 1,830 poems listed in the Poem Index.

Member Leila de Araujo Derzi has unveiled her website gallery of photographs and Ella's poetry at

Our Ella web site and full text books are being added to more and more indexes around the Internet. Recently, On-Line Books Page and the Celebration of Women Writers have added our books to their indexes. Hopefully this will result in even more people finding Ella's works.

Current Projects:

        Books: Mal Moulee.
        Letters: I have gathered scores of Ella's personal letters from many universities around the country, and have gained permission to publish most of them on our web site.  I am in the process of scanning and transcribing many of them.
        Biography: "Ouija Board Messages for Ella Wheeler Wilcox" by Pauline Saltzman was recently added.
        Articles:  "A Last Interview" in The Criterion (October 21, 1899): 3-5.
        Poems: Over 1,830 full text poems now available.
        Bibliography: I continue to add cover photographs to the bibliography. I keep thinking I've identified all known titles and editions and then discover a new one about once every 2 months!
        Music: I recently discovered the lost libretto of "The Victory"! The lyrics were written by Ella and the manuscript sent to John Philip Sousa for the music. While Mr. Sousa never wrote any known music for "The Victory", the manuscript did end up in the United States Marine Band and thanks to the generosity and help of their librarian, we now have a copy of the libretto.
        Society: We now have 67 members worldwide.

        Project History: The "Ella Pages" were begun on July 7, 1997 when I decided that there wasn't a good source for Ella material available after I tried many searches looking for some poems and failed to find them. I added the poems I could find from the anthologies I had here at The Evergreen State College Library and those from the few personal web pages I could find that had some of her work. I then began to buy copies of her books from out of print book dealers and type those poems in as well. Then I recruited others, such as Andrea Chavez of the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID, who provided me with Sonnets of Sorrow and Triumph, to aid me in the typing duties. And along the way Charlotte Hanson, probably one of the best collectors of Ella material in the world, contacted me and has been of priceless help in this project.  Several collectors and fans have graciously sent me photocopies of articles and poems from old magazines, images of book covers, scans of photographs, and transcriptions of letters and even entire books. I'd like to thank them all! The more of us who work on this project, the better it will be.

I wish to thank the Ella Wheeler Wilcox Society of southern California and Charlotte Hanson for supporting the foundation of The Ella Wheeler Wilcox Society nationally.

The Ella Wheeler Wilcox Society of Southern California
Doug Beilinski, Elda Beilinski, Charlotte Hanson, John Hanson, Lori Decarlo, Chris Kimball, Jacqueline Evans, David Evans. We are in Ojai, at the very same place where Ella went to be with friends after Robert died. The house is now owned by a movie producer. He was out of town, but allowed us to use the grounds for an outdoor gourmet picnic. Dave and Jacqui hosted the event, after much research to find the exact place. --caption by Lori Decarlo

Anyone who wishes to help can contact me at

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