Page, 1905.A Woman of the World : her counsel to other people's sons and daughters. 
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Boston: L.C. Page, 1905. 
 vii, 301 p. front. port. 20 cm.

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  1. To Mr. Ray Gilbert, Law Student, Aged Twenty-three
  2. To Miss Winifred Clayborne, At Vassar College
  3. To Edna Gordon, During Her Honeymoon
  4. To Miss Gladys Weston, Who Faces the Necessity to Earn a Living
  5. To Clarence St. Claire, Regarding His Sister's Betrothal
  6. To Miss Margaret Riley, Shop Girl, Concerning Her Oppressors
  7. To Miss Gladys Weston, After Three Years as a Teacher
  8. To a Young Friend, Who Has Become Interested in the Metaphysical Thoughts of the Day
  9. To Wilfred Clayborn, Concerning His Education and His Profession
  10. To Miss Elsie Dean, Regarding the Habit of Exaggeration
  11. To Sybyl Marchmont, Who Has Learned Her Origin
  12. To Miss Diana Rivers, A Young Lady Contemplating a Career as a Journalist
  13. To Nanette, A Former Maid
  14. To the Rev. Wilton Marsh, Regarding His Son and Daughter
  15. To Mrs. Charles McAllister, Formerly Miss Winifred Clayborne
  16. To Mrs. Charles Gordon, Concerning Maternity
  17. To Mr. Alfred Duncan, Concerning the Ministry
  18. To Mr. Charles Gray, Concerning Polygamy
  19. To Walter Smeed, Concerning Creeds and Marriage
  20. To Sybyl Marchmont, Concerning Her Determination to Remain Single
  21. To Mrs. Charles Gordon, Concerning Her Sister and Her Children
  22. To Mrs. Charles Gordon, Concerning Her Children
  23. To Miss Zoe Clayborn, Artist, Concerning the Attentions of Married Men
  24. To Mr. Charles Gordon, Concerning the Jealousy of His Wife After Seven Years of Married Life
  25. To Mrs. Clarence St. Claire, Concerning Her Husband
  26. To Young Mrs. Duncan, Regarding Mothers-in-Law
  27. To a Young Man, Ambitious for Literary Honours
  28. To Mrs. McAllister, Concerning Her Little Girl
  29. To Mr. Ray Gilbert, Attorney at Law, Aged Thirty
  30. To the Sister of a Great Beauty
  31. To Mrs. White Peak, One of the Pillars of Respectable Society
  32. To Maria Owens, A New Woman Contemplating Marriage
  33. To Mrs. St. Claire, The Young Divorcée
  34. To Miss Jessie Harcourt, Regarding Her Marriage with a Poor Young Man
  35. To Miss Jane Carter, Of the W.C.T.U.

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