Whatever is, is best : a collection of poems.
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Boulder, Colo.: Blue Mountain Arts, 1975. 
 79 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. 

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Selected by Susan Polis Schutz
Designed by Dr. Stephen Schutz
With Illustrations by Leonard Matejcic

Do not attempt to adopt the
style of any author. Unless
you can feel that you can be yourself
do not try to be anybody. A poor
original is better than a good
imitation in literature, if not in
other things.




  1. "Whatever Is--Is Best"
  2. Worth While
  3. Which Are You?
  4. Preaching Vs. Practice
  5. Be Not Content
  6. Solitude
  7. What ever we intensely desire
  8. "It Might Have Been"
  9. The world is kind
  10. Will
  11. It All Will Come Out Right
  12. Optimism
  13. Talk Happiness
  14. The World's Need
  15. My Belief
  16. The Winds of Fate
  1. Artist and Man
  2. Do not imagine
  3. Do not attempt to adopt
  4. Art and Heart
  5. Lines from "Maurine"
  6. The Technique of Immortality
  7. Never Mind
  1. What Love Is
  2. We Two
  3. Friendship
  4. Upon the Sand
  5. "Advice"
  6. An Answer
  7. Surrender
  8. An Unfaithful Wife to Her Husband
  9. Love and Friendship
  10. Those who belong
  11. He who loves greatly
  12. God, what a world
  13. Impatience
  14. Love Much
  15. You may as well talk
  16. Think Love
  17. I Love You
  18. Bleak Weather
  19. The Beautiful Land of Nod
  20. Just You

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