How Salvator won & other recitations.
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

New York City: N.Y.: E.S. Werner, 1891.

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I am constantly urged by readers and impersonators to furnish them with verses for recitation. In response to this ever-increasing demand I have selected, for this volume, the poems which seem suitable for such a purpose.
In making my collection I have been obliged to use, not those which are among my best efforts in a literary or artistic sense, but those which contain the best dramatic possibilities for professionals. Several of the poems are among my earliest efforts, others were written expressly for this book. In "Meg's Curse," which has never before been in print, and in several others, I ignored all rules of art for the purpose of giving the public reader a better chance to exercise his elocutionary powers.


  1. About May
  2. After the Engagement
  3. Answered
  4. As You Go Through Life
  5. A Baby in the House
  6. Babyland
  7. The Beautiful Blue Danube
  8. The Birth of the Opal [I]
  9. Breaking the Day in Two
  10. The Coming Man
  11. Dell and I
  12. Dick's Family
  13. A Fable
  14. The Falling of Thrones
  15. False
  16. Fishing
  17. The Foolish Elm
  18. Gethsemane
  19. The Giddy Girl
  20. A Girl's Autumn Reverie
  21. The Gossips
  22. Grandpa's Christmas
  23. Her Last Letter
  24. His Youth
  25. How does Love Speak
  26. How Salvator Won
  27. Illogical
  28. The Kingdom of Love
  29. The Lady and the Dame
  30. A Man's Repentance
  31. The Maniac
  32. A Married Coquette
  33. Meg's Curse
  34. Memory's River
  35. The Messenger
  36. New Year Resolve
  37. "Now I Lay Me"
  38. The Old Stage Queen
  39. Peek-a-Boo
  40. The Phantom Ball
  41. A Pin
  42. Platonic
  43. A Plea
  44. The Princess's Finger Nail
  45. The Rape of the Mist
  46. Robin's Mistake
  47. A Servian Legend
  48. The Sign-Board
  49. Solitude
  50. Sounds from the Base-Ball Field
  51. The Suicide
  52. A Summer Girl
  53. The Two Glasses [II]
  54. Two Sinners
  55. Under the Sheet
  56. Vanity Fair
  57. A Waltz-Quadrille
  58. Wanted--A Little Girl
  59. The Watcher
  60. The Way of It
  61. What is Flirtation
  62. What We Want

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